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MFR. No. : LB56C
STOCK No. : 2031-SG3
Send your voice over light - even through windows!
30’ to ¼ mile range!
Receiver drives a speaker or earphone!
Transmits a modulated infrared light beam up to 30 feet without lenses up to ¼ mile using simple lenses. Since the beam is modulated with a 30 KHz carrier (like AM radio) there is no effect from 60 Hz hum that is produced by indoor lighting. Easily transmits through windows - ideal for ''bugs'' or listening to IR television remote controls.

. The transmitter can use any type of mike and is very sensitive. The receiver employs an IR PIN diode detector and there is enough power to drive any loudspeaker or earphone. The PC board is cleverly ''scored'' so you can easily separate the Transmit and Receive sections so they can be used individually to transmit at one location and receive at another. The LB56 has been a popular kit for years and a leading science fair project to show how you can send audio over Infrared! Comes complete with the custom case & knob set shown to give your project a great finished look. Units run on 9 to 12 VDC and will use standard 9V battery(available separately).
Case size: 5''W x 1½''H x 5¼''D.