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MFR. No. : FO30K
STOCK No. : 2033-AF1
Send voice over fiber optic cable!
Includes transmitter receiver and fiber optic cable!
Learn the theory and exactly how it works!
Fiber length can be extended.
Have an adventure with Fiber Optics and learn at the same time! At one time fiber optics technology was just used for those cute little holiday trees you see at the stores. Then they realized that fiber can be used for communicaions and data transmission without the line loss problems of conventional “copper circuits”. Today fiber optic networks carry the bulk of the telephone CATV and broadcast television programs replacing land lines microwave and satellite communications.
While this project and course will not build you a nationwide fiber communications network you WILL learn the basics of fiber optics and its use in telecommunications. The learning kit includes a transmitter board receiver board fiber optic cable and a comprehensive learning course. The transmitter converts an audio signal into a light signal. The receiver accepts the light and converts it back into an electrical signal. You will learn how the converted signal is then reshaped into the proper form to be heard.

Fiber optic cable its protective covering and connectors to attach the cable to the transmitter and receiver are also included. PC board soldering is required.The transmitter and receivers both utilize a standard 9VDC battery (available separately).