NV497 - SINGING MAGNETS (2 pcs/pkg)

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MFR. No. : NV497
STOCK No. : 3522-WB1-2
A crazy fun find! Singing Magnets!

Why are they called Singing Magnets? When the two oval-shaped magnets resembling glossy hematite are tossed into the air they come together in mid air and make a singing sound as they vibrate off each other. The higher you toss the magnets the longer you can hear that unique sound. Of course this produces competition. Our kids love them and have found all kinds of ways to throw them and vary the sound. I took some to the office and the ''big kids'' loved them too! They could not stop playing with them much to the annoyance of some of those who were trying to get work done!

They make a great stress reliever and are beautiful too. Toss them in the air to make them sing and when not actively playing with them keep them in a pocket and use them as a worry stone. They are very smooth to the touch. The Singing Magnets come in a tube that can be used for storing them when not in use. Instructions on how to use these unique and fun Singing Magnets are printed on the tube. Appropriate for ages 7 years to adult.

Be sure to toss them over a carpeted surface as they can break if you miss catching them and they hit a hard surface. Start with a two hand toss so you can catch them easily and work up to the one hand toss. The one hand toss is accomplished by holding one magnet between the thumb and forefinger and the other magnet between the pinky and ring finger. The toss upwards keeping the hand perpendicular to the floor so the magnets travel in a path together in the air. They will come together and sing on the way up and on the way down. With just a little practice you will have the magnets whirling around in no time. Caution: These are VERY powerful magnets! Powerful magnets can affect the operation of pacemakers and other similar medical devices. Such magnets must never be placed near a person with such a device.

Additionally They may also scramble data on magnetic media credit cards ID cards.