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MFR. No. : THK642112
STOCK No. : 3551-AM2
Learn about rocks and the minerals that form them. Dig deeper
and discover the fascinating crystal structures of these minerals.
Much more than just a crystal growing kit this experiment kit
teaches you the chemistry of crystals and the geological science
behind rock formation with more than 18 hands-on projects and
Grow three chemically different types of crystals that exhibit
not only different colors but also different crystal shapes.
Build three-dimensional geometric models of common crystals
shapes including octahedrons tetrahedrons and rhomboids.
Mold your own crystal geode — a hollow rock with crystals
growing inside!
Learn how to test and identify minerals with your very own
collection of real specimen included in the kit. Conduct tests
to determine a mineral’s chemical and physical properties such
as color luster streak color hardness density magnetic
properties and carbon sulfur or iron content.
Investigate the geologic rock cycle and learn how the three
main categories of rock — igneous sedimentary and metamorphic
— are formed altered destroyed and formed again.
Full-color 32-page experiment manual.
Ages 8 and up.