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Which has the most gravity: a supernova a white dwarf or a black hole? What prefix turns the word “town” into a word meaning “center of town”? If grapes cost $1.70 a pound what will one and a half pounds of grapes cost? Plus onomatopoeia fusion equations the planets Roman numerals abstract nouns capital cities the periodic table Grab Bag and: Which U.S. state is a group of islands? Brain Quest Grade 7 quizzes kids on the stuff they need to know when they need to know it with 1 500 curriculum-based questions and answers reflecting the latest school standards.

Vetted by a panel of America’s highest award-winning teachers and embraced by kids and parents because it flat-out works Brain Quest opens a world of information and education with its fast-paced question-and-answer format bright full-color illustrations and lively attitude.