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The manual of Snap Circuits® Home Learning emphasizes the practical applications of electronics. This set is as much about science as about electronics. It teaches how to conduct a scientific investigation and the activities develop basic skills needed in today's world.

As a result of completion of activities 1 30 in this kit students will:

  • Understand basic information about electricity as a form of energy
  • Control the flow of electricity through several circuits and device
  • Identify the path of electricity through a circuit
  • Repair a nonfunctioning circuit
  • Transform electrical energy into light sound and motion
  • Identify series and parallel circuits
  • Determine if materials are conductors of electricity or insulators
  • Observe the effect of resistance on the brightness of a bulb or LED
  • Study the motion of a motor
  • Produce and study sound from a speaker
  • Draw and label circuit diagrams
  • Build a Morse Code sender (telegraph using light instead of sound)
  • Send and receive messages in Morse code and decode messages received
  • Observe the effect of fluorescent light on a spinning disc
  • Observe the effect of electricity on a temporary magnet (electromagnet)
  • Use a transistor to switch devices on or off
  • Make a circuit that detects the presence of water
  • Have a better understanding of the scientific method of investigation