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Arduino I2C Expansion Shield
The OSEPP I2C Expansion Shield is an ArduinoCompatible daughter (extension) card. It provides easy interconnection with other I2C devices such as the OSEPP Sensor Modules family. As well it integrates an I2C switch that provides 4 additional isolated I2C buses to enable the use without collisions of multiple I2C devices with same I2C addresses.
The main I2C bus and each of the 4 additional I2C bus are brought out to a robust latchable 4pin connector that allow easy plug and play functionality. Three selectable address bits for I2C switch to allow stacking of up to eight Shields Supports boards with the Arduino Shield interface such as (but not limited to): Duemilanove Uno Pro Bluetooth Mega/Mega 2560.
  • 1to4 I2C switch to provide four isolated I2C buses
  • Stackable with other Arduino and Arduino Compatible shields
  • Provides pass through of all I/O as well as reset button
  • ICSP connector Works with 3.3 V and 5 V boards
  • Plug and play I2C connectors that provide I2C power and ground signals
  • I2C Addresses (7bit) 0x70 0x71 0x72 0x73 0x74 0x75 0x76 0x77
  • Form Factor 53.3 mm x 68.6 mm
  • Power Consumption 0.1 mW
Connector Pin Definition:
  • Pin 1: Power
  • Pin 2: I2C Data
  • Pin 3: Ground
  • Pin 4: I2C Clock