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MFR. No. : A000079
STOCK No. : 1813-MF1B

A000079 Arduino motor shield is based on the L298 which is a dual full
bridge driver designed to drive inductive loads such as relays
solenoids DC and stepping motors. It lets you drive two DC motors with
your Arduino board controlling the speed and direction of each one
independently. You can also measure the current absorption of each
motor among other features. The shield is TinkerKit compatible which
means you can quickly create projects by plugging TinkerKit modules to
the board. This shield has two separate channels called A and B that
each use 4 of the Arduino pins to choose the rotation direction vary
the speed fast brake or sense the current that is flowing through the
motor. In total there are 8pins in use on this shield. You can use each
channel separately to drive two DC motors or combine them to drive one
bipolar stepper motor. The shield can supply 2A per channel for a total
of 4A maximum.

  • 5V to 12V operating voltage
  • L298P drives two DC motors or one stepper motor
  • 2A per channel or 4A maximum current
  • 1.65V/A current sensing
  • Free running stop and brake function


Motor Drive & Control

Power Management