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Compass Sensor Module

The OSEPP Compass Sensor Module is a 3axis digital compass for lowfield magnetic sensing. It utilizes the Honeywell HMC5883L stateoftheart high resolution magnetoresistive sensors an ASIC containing amplification automatic degaussing strap drivers offset cancellation and a 12bit ADC that enables a compass heading accuracy to within 12 degrees.

The module uses the I?C interface for data communication. The I?C lines are packaged with the power and ground lines into a modular connector which allows easy plug and play operation. There are two
connectors on the module to enable daisy chaining of multiple I?C devices together.

The Compass Sensor Module is ideal for applications that require the measurement of both the direction and the magnitude of Earth?s magnetic field from milligauss to 8 gauss.


Plug and play with OSEPP I?C Expansion Shield
12Bit ADC with 2 milligauss field resolution in +/ 8 gauss field to enable 12 degree compass heading accuracy
Fast 160 Hz maximum output rate
Low power consumption
Supports I?C interfacing with 7bit address of 0x1E
Provides passthrough connector to support daisy chaining of multiple sensors from the OSEPP Sensor Module family
Provides 0.1? breakout points for power and I?C interface pins access