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Junior Electrics Project Lab Kit (MX801E)
Ability Level 1: Novice
The Junior Electrics Electronic Project Lab Kit makes a great introduction to the world of electrics and electronics and an ideal present for the budding electronics expert! This project lab teaches the elementary concepts behind electrical and electronic circuits.
  •     Build experiment and learn
  •     Ideal birthday or Christmas present
  •     Excellent introduction to electrics and electronics
  •     Easy to use and understand
  •     No soldering. No tools required
  •     Complete selfcontained learning centre
  •     Suitable for anyone aged 10 and over (with adult supervision)
  •     High quality and excellent value for money
Experiments include a simple bulb circuit conductivity tester series and parallel circuits resistivity and electricity and magnetism. Questions and Answers and Wire game also included that are design to further develop understanding.

Proposed practical lessons: 

  • Lesson 1 To connect a lamp a battery and a switch 
  • Lesson 2 To verify a continuity 
  • Lesson 3 Connection of lamps in serial 
  • Lesson 4 Connection of lamps in parallel 
  • Lesson 5 Effect of a resistor in a circuit 
  • Lesson 6 The variable resistor 
  • Lesson 7 Electricity and magnetism magnetic field around a conductor 
  • Lesson 8 Questions / answers game.
Requires no soldering tools or previous knowledge of electronics. Components are fitted to a mounted breadboard and can be used over and over again. Circuits are built using easy spring clip terminals and leads provided. Powered using safe low voltage batteries (not included). Includes a comprehensive 18 page manual with individual circuit explanations schematic and assembly diagrams.
Ideal for any inquisitive mind aged 14 years and over. Children should only use under competent adult supervision. Suitable for schools and other educational establishments as a practical and cost effective teaching aid for longterm repeated use.