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Learn all about those tiny little parts!
Develop and practice your SMT (Surface Mount Technology) soldering skills!
Includes SMT training sessions. The finished project is a neat little `Decision Maker` that includes 6 flashing SMT LEDs complete with a professional overlay panel.
Surface Mount Technology (SMT) has become a way of life for electronics. Virtually all new high tech products utilize SMT design and components.
There are two problems with SMT:
First the parts are extremely small at times the size of a pin head! Therefore you need to have the proper tools not only to hold them and solder them but to see them!
Secondly unlike `throughthehole` parts SMT components are soldered directly on the surface of the PC board (hence the name SMT!) This is an entirely new method of soldering and it takes practice to get it right.
Taking this course and practicing on the neat little kit will prepare you for the future in electronics.
Includes the PC board all the SMT and other components required and a comprehensive training course covering all aspects of SMT soldering desoldering removing and component placement.
Requires a standard 9 Volts DC battery (not included)
You'll also need a very fine tipped soldering iron (not included).
Ages 12+