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This kit will drive a bipolar stepper motor driver using externally supplied 5V levels for steping and direction.These usually come from software running in a computer.
Construction: Follow the overlay on the PCB. Add the lowest height components first e.g. the resistors and diodes.
Note: There are seven links to add to the board. For the six short links use offcuts from the resistor legs. For the longer link we have provided a 1 of tinned copper wire. There are 4 pins you can place in the DIR and STEP positions if you wish to use the pins.
We have assumed that the operation of stepper motors is known to you!
For Operation: Attach a bipolar stepper motor to the TO MOTOR terminals. Power to the Kit can be the same or different depending on the stepper motor being driven. The Direction and STEP inputs are optoisolated by the 4N25 ICs.
For Direction:
This is controlled by a 0V or 5V applied between the pins. STEP. A 5V to 0V transition between the pins will step the motor one position. The step direction will be according to the voltage applied to the Direction pins. We used the debounced Counter Module of our Kit. The unipolar stepper motor is connected as a bipolar motor (the 2 center wires of the 6 wire motor are unused 9V was used.
The STEP and Direction negative input pins were tied together and connected to system ground All the power inputs were connected together. The CLOCK was connected to STEP and the RESET was connected to Direction.
Pushing the CLOCK button then advanced the motor one notch. Pressing CLOCK with the RESET button also depressed and pressed down advanced the motor one notch the other way. Software does the same thing but using a PC.