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Mini FM Modulator/Transmitter Kit (100108MHz)
Integrated preamplifier to which any type of microphone may be connected. Can be used for Family broadcasts baby phone security. May be received by any simple portable FM radio or tuner. True FM modulation using a varactor diode
Requires Soldering Assembly.
  • Use it as a test oscillator for FM tuners
  • For family broadcasts
  • As part of a wireless microphone
  • For security applications
  • Nice gadget for your own unique application 
  • Highquality varicap (varactor) modulation
  • Ultra stable FET oscillator
  • Frequency range from 100 to 108 MHz
  • FET input amplifier with high sensitivity (10mV max.)
  • Easy microphone hookup
  • No coils to wind integrated on the PCB
  • Reception with any FM radio*
  • Miniature size yet very sensitive 
  • Input sensitivity preamplifier: 5mV
  • Power supply : 912VDC (use battery for best results)
  • PCB Dimensions : 45 x 70 mm (1.8 x 2.7 inches)
*The use of this device as a transmitter might be illegal in your area. Please check with the local authorities. Eavesdropping into private conversations might be considered a crime in your area.