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MFR. No. : 22140
STOCK No. : 2625-AC1
What makes ''continuous rotation servos'' so cool is that all you had to do is plug it into a regular style ''Power/Ground/Signal'' style RC receiver (or microcontroller) jack and feed it a 1.5mS signal.

1.5mS means it stayed still. Go down towards 1.0mS and it would turn one way faster as you moved further away from the 1.5mS ''neutral'' signal. Then by changing the signal up to 2.0mS you could make the servo spin the other way. This was very cool - you had a motor speed controller and gearbox all rolled into one tidy package.

Unfortunatly modifying a servo to do this meant you had to take it apart and perform mechanical and electronic surgery. Well they clever people at Grand-Wing Servo have introduced their own standard ''modified-for-continuous-rotation'' hobby servo!

This unit has all the characteristics of a regular servo but it doesn't have a rotation stop. It'll keep on spinning. Slap a servo-wheel on it and you've got a really simple way to make a mobile robot chassis!

And the price is excellent too!

■Gears: Nylon
■60° speed: .15 sec (67 RPM) @ 4.8v
■60° speed: .13 sec (77 RPM) @ 6.0v
■Torque: 35.0 oz*in (2.5 kg*cm) @ 4.8v
■Torque: 39.2 oz*in (2.8kg*cm) @ 6.0v
■Measurements: 1.56 x 0.79 x 1.40 inches (39.6 x 20.1 x 35.6mm)
■Mass: 1.48 ounces (42g)
■Includes accessory pack