GM3 - MOTOR GEAR 6V 48RPM GEAR RATIO 224:1 90DEG SHAFT (2 pcs/pkg)

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Gear Motor 3 224:1 90 Degree Shaft
This 224:1 gear motor is very comparable to a hobby servo for power at a fraction of the cost!
This model differs from the GM2 in that it has a 90 degree output shaft. This motor offers 48.61 in*oz of torque at 3V rotating 360 degrees every 1.5 seconds (24 rpm just a hair slower than a servo) drawing 400mA at stall (free running at 40mA).
With a 7mm doubleflat output shaft (avoid using the D output it's not meant to take rotational load) and a builtin clutch (limiting at 60 in*oz but easily locked) and builtin mounting screw holes this is why we like these motors!
Overall dimensions are 70.1mm long x 22.3mm x 37.7mm (2.76) x (0.878) x long (1.48) including output shafts while only weighing 30.5grams or 1.08ounces.
  • Description: 90 Degree Motor
  • Gear Ratio: 224.00:1
  • At 3 Volts Unloaded RPM (3V): 24
  • Unloaded Current (3V): 40 mA
  • Stall Current (3V): 400 mA
  • Stall Torque (3V): 48.61 in*oz
  • At 6 Volts Unloaded RPM (6V): 46
  • Unloaded Current (6V): 50 mA
  • Stall Current (6V): 733 mA
  • Stall Torque (6V): 56.94 in*oz
  • Length (mm): 70.00 mm
  • Width (mm): 22.50 mm
  • Height (mm): 37.00 mm
  • Weight: 40.00 g