GM9-2-MOTOR GEAR 6V 78RPM GEAR RATIO 143:1 90DEG SHAFT(2 pcs/pkg)

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MFR. No. : GM9-2
STOCK No. : 2641-FA7-2
The GM9 is similar to the GM3 gear motor but runs at nearly twice the speed. This motor goes 40RPM at 3V drawing 400mA at stall generating 44.4 in*oz torque (free running @ 50mA).
With a 7mm double-flat output shaft a built-in clutch and built-in mounting screw holes. There is no output shaft on the other side.

These units have an overall size of 70.2mm x 30.4mm x 22.6mm thick
or 2.76'' x 1.20'' x 0.89'' thick and weighs in at 31.5g or 1.13oz.

Do you need to mount something to the shaft of the motor?
Although it doesn't work as well as on other motors because of the
shorter output shaft the GM8 is a solid platform for a variety uses.
Alternatively A #2x1/4'' SMS screw will provide a snug fit. Description: 90° Degree Motor
Gear Ratio: 143.00:1
At 3 Volts
Unloaded RPM (3V): 40
Unloaded Current (3V): 50 mA
Stall Current (3V): 400 mA
Stall Torque (3V): 44.44 in*oz
At 6 Volts
Unloaded RPM (6V): 52
Unloaded Current (6V): 92 mA
Stall Current (6V): 700 mA
Stall Torque (6V): 76.38 in*oz

Length (mm): 70.50 mm
Width (mm): 27.00 mm
Height (mm): 23.00 mm
Weight: 33.00 g