RPM2 - MOTOR PAGER 1.5-5V 9700-31900RPM 17.5MA-32.1MA

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These new factoryfresh pager motors come readytorun:
no eccentric weight removal necessary like on surplus pager motors!
These new motors are comparable in performance and quality to the originals.
The only major difference is the lack of a steel sleeve on the 1mm
diameter output shaft.
if you need a 1.5mm diameter shaft we've found that 18 gauge wire
insulation slips on and makes a very suitable bushing!

Measures 7.05mm diameter 16.54mm body length and 21.7mm overall length
or 0.277 diameter 0.651 body length and 0.854 overall length
with the shaft diameter of 1.01mm (0.039).