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Electric motors and generators are in countless devices appliances and vehicles we use every day. They are an essential technology in our modern world. With this kit you can conduct 25 experiments to learn how an electric motor converts electricity into motion and how an electric generator does just the opposite converting motion into electricity.

The electric motor is made of transparent plastic to show how the inside components work. Set up the motor to run on battery power and learn how a motor works. Then reconfigure the device to work in reverse as a handcrank electric generator. Experiment with magnets to learn about the force of magnetism and how magnetic fields relate to electric current. Build simple circuits consisting of the motor or generator wires and a light bulb to learn about the flow of electricity. Learn about gears and drivetrains and how they work to effectively convert kinetic energy into electrical energy and back again. The fullcolor 48page manual guides your experiments with stepbystep instructions.