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MFR. No. : RW2-2MM-2
STOCK No. : 2668-MA1-2
These hubs are made 3.8mm (.15'') wider than the RW2i (Inside)
by making the set-screw hole on the aluminum rim outside the
tire. It means you do not have to remove the tire from the hub
to tighten it these tires come with a generously thick rubber
tire for maximum traction.
Ideal for minisumo like our 1st place finishing Strong Bad!

The tire mounted on the hub measures in at 31.2mm (1.23in)
diameter and overall width of 13.2mm (0.52in) wide.
The hub is drilled for a 2mm axle ideal for other motors and
or custom axles!
It's a nice fat beefy wheel ideal for small robots!
Secure it to your motor shaft with the included 4-40 hex
grub/setscrew. Requires 0.050 hex wrench like our HexW050.

Although you can simply install the motor from the outside
we designed it so you could be mounted internally to the hub.
We've found that the internal cutout came back from manufacture
a wee bit thick but a bit of filing on the edges of the GM12a
lets it fit right in. By hand-filing the edges down you can
fine-tune the installation so the brass edges of the gearbox act
as alignment bushing points that assist in keeping the wheel
spinning true. Or use a Sherline lathe to remove 0.010 from the
ID of the cut-out!

Wheels each include a hub a tire and grub screw.

The entire wheel assembly weighs 12 grams.