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MFR. No. : GMB28
STOCK No. : 2669-AA2-2
GM2/GM8 Gear Motor Bracket Laser-Cut Steel
The provided mounting holes in the GM2/GM8 gear motors are a convenient
way to mount these to your project but sometimes you just need a
different way to mount them.
These precision laser-cut steel brackets match the features on the
gear motor and securely clamp them down to your project.

Use any #4-sized screw or nut/bolt for assembly but use special #4x1/2'' screw designed for threading plastic to mount these to the chassis.
This screw also does a great job going into the steel bracket!

We've discovered our latest batch of GM2 motors were molded a
bit fatter around the tab that the motor-retainer screws go into.
This interferes with the little side-notches when you install it
so you have make the side-notches a wee bit deeper with a file.
Or if you're feeling dangerous you can use a small drill bit and
''ride'' it down into the notch a bit.
This is Of course totally the wrong way to use a drill bit
but sometimes you got to use the tools you have!