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This balance scale comes complete with seven round standard weights and nine smaller thin weights (includes a tweezer for easy handling) to perform measurement experiments and learn thoroughly about weights and measures. The scale and weights come packaged in an elegant wood finish case which comes in its own velcro pouch. Who can guess which weights will balance a penny a tea candle a marble or a key? Use the balance to see who made the best guess. Makes a challenging party game! Also makes an excellent gift or even an attractive desk toy! The scale has a crossbar measuring approximately 4 inches across. Features: * Elegant wood case * 7 round weights * 9 thin weights * Tweezers for thin weights * 4 inch crossbar * Weight pans measure 1.25 inches in diameter Box Size: 4.50in (11.43cm) x 3.00in (7.62cm) x 2.00in (5.08cm) Recommended for ages 10 and older.