EDU-8355 - SUPER CHEM 120-AGES 10+

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This chemist kit is designed to help you discover what a chemist does and what chemicals are. It is designed to teach you something aboiut chemistry but even more important it hopes to teach you that learning can be fun. If it can teach you that everything esle will be easy.

Although there are 1000's of chemicals in the world but only a few are in the EDU8355 Super Chem 120 Science Kit. However you will learn how these chemicals are made and how you can make others by yourself.

Science Fair Project ideas with the
EDU8355 Super Chem 120 Science Kit
Find out whether sodium hydrogen sulfate sodium carbonate and phenolphtalein are acids or bases. Why is this important?

Can you make writing disappear? Design an experiment to find out how.

What is the best soap solution? Can you invent your own and profit from your discovery?

What is a saturated solution? What can it be used for?
What is the best way to inhibit rust? Experiment to discover a solution.