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Apollo Lunar Module
The Lunar Lander (LEM) was a two stage spacecraft that was used to carry a crew of two astronauts from the orbiter to the surface of the moon and back.
The descent stage housed the landing gear engine and all the fuel needed to land safely on the moon. It also served as the launch pad for the ascent stage to return back to the orbiter and subsequent trip back to the Earth.
Six lunar modules were successfully landed on the Moon between 1969 and 1972 during the Apollo Space Program.
It was the lunar module of Apollo 13 that saved the lives of the three astronauts on board with its engine replacing the crippled CSM Service Propultion System engine and the batteries supplying power not only for the return trip to Earth but also to recharge the Command Module's batteries which were critical for the reentry.
It managing to support 3 astronauts for 90 hours despite being rated to support only 2 astronauts for 45hrs.
The Lunar Module has been immortalized in this Metal Earth 3D laser cut steel model. Fully assembled the model is approximately 2 in length and 2 wide and 4 high.