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MFR. No. : MMS252
STOCK No. : 5194-ZB53
Long long ago in a galaxy far far away some survivors in a war between two factions set out across the stars to find the speaker of a message they saw crawl across space. It was this message which started the entire conflict between these two sides in the first place: ''It is a period of civil war.'' After crossing vast reaches of space on a voyage lasting thousands of years the survivors reached our planet.

However due to a terrible miscalculation in scale they all fit in the palms of our hands. We quickly took them apart copied them and now offer them as Star Wars Miniature Metal DIY Model Kits. Each of the Star Wars Miniature Metal DIY Model Kits comes with two sheets of laser cut parts. Carefully pop them out and follow the instructions on your journey of inserting tabs into slots and the like. Eventually you will have a metal marvel straight from Star Wars.

For Ages 14 and up. Tiny versions of famous Star Wars ships and droids - for you to DIY. Pop out the pieces and fit them together - no glue needed! Needle nose pliers recommended for assembly (not included). Each model comes with 2 sheets of metal parts. Skill Level: Intermediate (with lots of patience).

Dimensions:AT-AT: 3'' x 0.95'' x 2.75''