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MFR. No. : BL100
STOCK No. : 7551-ML1
Perplexus is a 3D maze and the object is to work a ball around a labyrinth that is contained in a sphere. There are three different 'paths' to start from and 100 barriers to get around. Lead the ball to the end of the maze all the while being careful to always keep gravity in mind because faster than you'd think your ball will fall off course and you'll have to start all over again. This game is challenging addictive and lots of fun!

TEAMPLAY: Use with one or multiple spheres. The clock is set and teams race to see how far they can get through the maze before the clock runs out or without a clock to see which team can advance the farthest based on numbered barriers within the sphere. One representative per team can be chosen to play based on pre-trial runs or use all team members relay race style. For added excitement the 3 teams with the best success can play off for an ultimate winner with the remaining teams cheering!