276-0325 - SENSOR AMBIENT LIGHT 0.1UA DARK CURRENT 3-24VDC (5 pcs/pkg)

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Ambient Light Sensor
Ambient light sensors are used to detect light or brightness in a manner similar to the human eye. They are most commonly found in industrial lighting consumer electronics and automotive systems where they allow settings to be adjusted automatically in response to changing ambient light conditions. By turning on turning off or adjusting features ambient light sensors can conserve battery power and provide extra safety while eliminating the need for manual adjustments. This sensor is a sensitive NPN silicon epitaxial planar photo transistor molded in a standard 5 mm T1 package. It is used to replace traditional CdS sensors since Cadmium is no longer allowed by RoHS. Due to its water clear epoxy the device could be sensitive to infrared radiation.
  • Light to Current analog output
  • Simple to interface to typical MCU (MicroController Unit)
  • Good output linearity across wide illumination range
  • Operation temperature performance 30C to 85C
  • Wide supply voltage range 3V to 24V
  • High efficiency light current output
  • Lower dark current 0.1uA
  • Lower cost
  • Size : 5mm Lamp (Flat lens)
  • The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant version
  • Compliance with EU REACH
  • Compliance Halogen Free (Br < 900ppm Cl < 900ppm Br+Cl < 1500ppm)
  • Detection of ambient light to control electrical unit
    • Ambient light monitoring device for daylight and artificial light
    • CCD camera/CCTV security equipment Street light
    • Detection of ambient light to control display backlighting
    • Computing device – TFT LCD monitor for Notebook computer
    • Consumer device – TFT LCD TV video camera digital camera toys