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ADM-28 Range DC Voltage: 320mV, 3.2V, 32V, 600V AC Voltage: 320mV,3.2V,32V,600V DC Amps: 320?A, 3200?A, 32mA, 320mA, 10A AC Amps: 320?A, 3200?A, 32mA, 320mA, 10A Resistance: 320, 3.2K, 32K, 320K, 3.2M ,30MΩ Frequency: 320Hz, 3200Hz, 32KHz RPM< 600-3200, 3200-12000 (x10 RPM) % Duty Cycle: 1.0%-90.0% Dwell Angle: 0-907?(4cyl), 0-72?(5cyl), 0-60? 6cyl), 0-45?(8cyl) Temperature: -20 to 750?C -4 to 1400?F Diode Test: - Continuity: