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MFR. No. : 13353085
STOCK No. : QYE-5321T
WEICON Flex + bond
Highly elastic and strong adhesive/sealant

WEICON Flex+bond distinguishes itself by its wide range of application possibilities and the high adhesive force.

It bonds and seals nearly all materials such as metals wood plastics glass ceramics to themselves and among each other and is therefore the excellent product for a great variety of repairs and bondings as well as for the sealing of seams and joints.

WEICON Flex+bond is a one-component product remains permanently elastic and can be sanded after curing and overpainted (wet in wet).

WEICON Flex+bond WEICON Flex+bond is:
● Permanently elastic
● Temperature resistant from -40°C (-40°F) up to +90°C (+194°F)
● Briefly (2-3 hours except transparent) up to +130°C (+266°F)
● Resistant to weathering
● UV-stable
● Resistant to salt water
● Odourless curing
● Overpaintable immediately (wet in wet)*
● Cures nearly shrinkage- and bubbling-free
● Sandable
● Resistant to ageing
● Free of isocyanate and solvents
● Free of silicone halogen and PVC

* Only ''wet in wet'' within 3 hours at the latest after material application with suitable paint coating systems (except alkyd resin paints)