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With the Gro Garden Sprinkler Kit you're just 3 simple steps away from a whole season of hasslefree watering. The versatility of the Gro Garden Sprinkler Kit can help you save water and time versus handwatering. It can be configured in a snap to fit your specific yard space timer or spigot. Spend more time enjoying your plants with the Gro Garden Sprinkler Kit.

  • 1time easy setup
  • Delivers water where plants need it
  • Saves time versus handwatering
  • Covers from 10 sq. ft. up to 950 sq. ft.
  • Quick connect technology to easily attach (and detach) from any outdoor spigot
  • Works with miraclegro liquefied universal feeder or any timer
  • Water multiple plants at the same time
  • Reduce wasted water
  • Make watering easier
  • Recommended for flower and vegetable gardens raised beds and shrubs
  • Kit includes everything you need to start precision watering
  • Coverage area can be customized to fit your outdoor space
  • Precision watering for gardens and raised beds