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Everything you need to build 300 exciting electronic projects.
These Electronic Science Labs will teach you about electronics from A to Z. With these allinone labs you'll learn about electronic parts how to read schematics and wiring diagrams. All this while building up to 300 different projects. These kits use two quick and easy hookup methods:
Spring Method: Simply slip precut wires and components into special springs for a safe secure connection.
Breadboard Method: Featured in our advanced kits this system is used by professionals and engineers. Just plug the components and wires into the special breadboard socket holes.
No soldering is required. Everything uses safe battery power no dangerous AC is required so it's safe for all ages.
Labs come with all components and wires needed to build each project. NO TOOLS ARE REQUIRED. No prior knowledge is needed to assemble and build these exciting projects. Easytoread illustrated labstyle manuals take you through each electronic experiment stepbystep.
All are designed for ages 10 & up so these are ideal for MIDDLE SCHOOLS and HIGH SCHOOLS
  • Easytoread illustrated labstyle manual included.
  • Learn about transistors transformers diodes capacitors oscillators basic electronic circuits and schematic symbols.
  • Build your own Transistor Radio IC Organ Burglar Alarm Delayed Timer Electronic Game Optical Volume Multiplier Multiple Counter Digital Light Dimmer Tone Burst Generator Audio Signal Tracer Electronic Candle Voice Level Meter Metal Detector Rain Detector Voltage Drop Alarm Checker Function Generator Voltage Controlled Amplifier AND MANY MANY MORE!
  • With builtin speaker earphone meter seven segment LED digital display outfront controls and more!
See Documents tab for partial sample pages Instruction Manual.
Requires 6 AA batteries not included.
Box Size : 10 1/2” (H) x 16 3/8” (W) x 3 1/8” (D)