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Tunes any 5MHz portion of selected receiver band Excellent performance less than 1uV sensitivity True SuperHet Receiver with sharp ceramic IF filters Front panel volume squelch and tuning controls .
You get a lot for your money with any one of these dualconversion FM receivers. In just one evening of building fun you can be snooping around the band monitoring the local repeater checkingout new bands or even eavesdropping in on the local police and businesses. There are no short cuts taken in the design of these unitssensitivity is equal to full size monitor receivers or scanners. Schools scout troops clubs and hobbyists use these receivers for teaching monitoring and just plain building enjoyment.
This little receiver is ideal for easy chair listeningand with no big clunky box and wiring to aggravate the XYL! This receiver can be tuned outside of the intended amateur bands. Choose your band and enjoy FM repeater and simplex monitoring on a budget! Help a newcomer discover the 28 MHz novice band. Listenin on exciting 10 Meter international FM action.
For a professional finished look our matching case and knob set can't be beat. Kit includes detailed stepbystep manual that carefully guides you to a finished working radio.