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This kit is a circuit for driving 5 6 or 8wire unipolar stepper motors. It can operate either freestanding or PCcontrolled.The circuit and stepper motor may use separate supply voltages. Four high current IRFZ44 MOSFETs are used at the output.
The motor can either be stepped by the internal variable oscillator or by external 5Vpp pulses. The direction of rotation can be set with a switch.
This innovative circuit only uses standard CMOS ICs 4013 4030 and 4093. Full explanations are given.
  • Supply Voltage: (kit) 7 12Vdc (stepper motor): 8 35Vdc
  • Supply Current: (kit) 0.1A max. (stepper motor): 6A max. per winding
  • Dimensions: 46 x 75mm 25mm height
  • Skill Level of Item: Kit Basic Soldering Required