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Even Your Pre-reader Can Learn Chess With Chess: Once a Pawn a Time you can now introduce even your pre-reader to the engrossing game of chess. Fifteen years experience as a chess instructor inspired Patzi Stewart to develop this captivating chess kit. Complete with chessboard pieces and two instructional storybooks reviewers concur that Chess Once a Pawn a Time's imaginative approach to teaching chess is the clearest method for teaching chess that they have ever seen. The Instructional Storybook One begins with a whimsical introduction to all the chess pieces the two chess kingdoms and the board layout. Your child will fully understand each piece and its permitted moves at the completion of this book. Storybook Two of Once a Pawn a Time develops your child's novice playing skills by exploring the strengths and weaknesses of each chess piece. Even if you have never played chess yourself Science Wiz Chess Once a Pawn a Time is all you need to teach your child and yourself this classic game.