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It is a onecomponent medium strength Anaerobic product. Suitable for protecting threaded metal parts such as nuts and bolts against loosening caused by shock and vibration. It works quickly and spontaneously in the absence of air between harmonious metal surfaces. It has a high resistance to corrosion water oils hydrocarbons gas and many chemical agents. Seals and secures screw connections parts bearings and pipe connections in a simple safe and permanent way.

Usage: For best performance the surfaces should be clean and free from oil. (We recommend our General Cleaning Spray W170 104 for that.) Apply the product to all surfaces. Make sure the gaps are completely filled and covered. Assemble the parts and do not move them during the drying period. Handy strength takes between 1020 minutes and full dry within 1224 hours. Hardening is further accelerated with the help of activators. Can be disassemble with hand tools.